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Gymix Blender User Guide

Let’s get started. 

Whether you’re ready to work out or looking for some chocolate milk…

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Plug & Go!

Make sure you’re all charged and ready to go. Gymix comes with a USB-c cable included. Plug into the wall and leave to charge until the light is a solid green. We have a detailed charging section below. Check that out for more info.

Cleaning time

Give your Gymix blender a good clean. Fill 2/3rd of the bottle with warm water, add some dish soap and press “blend”. Let this run for about 30 seconds, then empty and wash out the soap suds. We have a detailed cleaning section below. Check that out for more info.

Time to blend

Add your base liquid (milk or water), then your powders and flavorings, then finally any solids you want to add. The blender is not designed to crush ice, so please don’t add anything harder than a nut.

Hit that button

Press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn on. Tightly screw on your lid and press the power button. Leave to run for a full cycle (around 30 seconds) and enjoy!If you’re not happy with the consistency or thickness, run the blender for a few more cycles again until you’re happy with your drink.

Drink up!

All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy your shake!We recommend cleaning after use. This makes it easier to get rid of any left over protein powder or liquid at the bottom. 

Power & charging.

It’s as easy and plug and go, but here are some tips for charging your Gymix Blender Bottle:

To charge your Gymix blender bottle, simply plug in the included USB-c charger into a wall socket or USB port (like your computer or car)

It takes around 4-8 hours to get a full charge from a dead battery, so we recommend charging overnight. 

A full charge powers around 15 full cycles, so we recommend charging your Gymix at least once per week. 

If you see a flashing red light, your blender is charging

If you see a green light, great! Your battery is full

If you see a red light, it means you have some battery power, but it’s not a full charge.

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to switch on. 

We don’t recommend charging after each use. This is likely to run down the battery life much faster. If you’re an avid user, increase the amount of times you charge to every 3-4 days instead of once per week. 


For the perfect shake every time - use a clean bottle!

You wouldn’t eat off a filthy plate, so don’t drink out of a dirty bottle! We highly recommend cleaning your Gymix blender bottle after every use. This is both good for your health and protects the blades and bottle from damage. Lumps of food and protein powder can build up and cause problems in the long run.

Your Blender Bottle is water-resistant, so keep it clean. The lid, jar, and frame are all safe to get wet. However, your Gymix Blender bottle is not dishwasher or Microwave safe.

DO NOT put in the dishwasher. 

Self Cleaning

Your Gymix Blender Bottle is self-cleaning. Just add 1/3rd of the jar with warm water, a touch of dish soap, and get ready to go. Screw the lid on tight and run for one full 30-second cycle. Rinse the soap suds with warm water and draw by hand.This full cycle should fully clean your blender bottle and get you ready for your next use!If you’re finding there are still some protein powder lumps, or bits of food in the blender bottle, see our section on owner cleaning for instructions on deep cleaning the bottle. 


For those tough stains and problematic pieces of food, we’ve got you covered. Here’s some advice on how to clean your blender bottle by hand.

Note - the Gymix is not dishwasher safe. Never clean in the dishwasher

1. Switch off your Gymix blender bottle by pressing and holding the power button for 3seconds.

2. Remove the blade from the blender. Do not use your fingers, instead use a fork or some tongs to pull the blade out from the motor.

3. Using a sponge, some dish soap, and some warm water, carefully clean each area of the blade to remove any residue or build up.

4. Place the blade to one side.

5. Now that the blade is removed, you can thoroughly clean the glass jar of your Gymix blender bottle.

6. Again, using a sponge, soap and warm water, scrub the inside of the glass jar and remove all build up of powder and residue until completely clean.

7. Allow your Gymix to completely dry by itself, or dry by hand using paper towels. Do not reinsert your blade while there is still water in the jar.

8. Next, reinsert your blade, being careful to avoid any contact with the power button. There should be a small click when the blade is reinserted.

9. You’re set and good to go for your next workout!

Your Gymix Blender Bottle shouldn’t need a deep clean by hand very often, but if you do ever need to, follow these steps to get the job done!

Important safeguards & cautionary information

Your Gymix Blender bottle comes with a product information leaflet. Please make sure to read this leaflet carefully before your first use and review the information provided. This will tell you everything you need to know about how to remain safe and use your Gymix Blender Bottle properly. 

For best use:

Want to make the most out of your Gymix blender? Of course you do! Here’s some tips to make the most of it:

YOU SHOULD supervise children at all times when they have their Gymix bottle. Do not leave your child unattended with the sharp blades. 

YOU SHOULD clean after every use. It’s just nice to drink out of clean cups, don’t you think?

YOU SHOULD only use the best USB-c charging cables. We provide one, so try to use that

YOU SHOULD follow the instructions on this page for adding your ingredients. Always add your liquid first.

YOU SHOULD wait for each spin cycle to finish before use

YOU SHOULD leave your drink for 15 seconds after a completed spin cycle (for the best flavor and to stop the lid from popping)

YOU SHOULD keep your fingers out of the bottle. The blades can still turn on even when the lid is off… so stay safe out there!

YOU SHOULD be careful when using your Gymix blender bottle. Follow the instructions to make sure you stay safe and you don’t damage your bottle. 

YOU SHOULD take your Gymix with you every time you head to the gym. Guaranteed for the best pre-workout and post-workout drinks available. 

Things to avoid:

There are a couple of things you shouldn’t do with your Gymix to make the most of it. These are:

AVOID putting your Gymix blender bottle in the dishwasher

AVOID charging when wet. This puts your Gymix Blender Bottle at risk of damaging the charging port and charging cable

AVOID contact between water and your charging cable. Best to keep this dry!

AVOID putting MCT oil in your Gymix as this can cause long term damage to your Blender Bottle

AVOID leaving food, left overs and dried powder in the bottle. These food leftovers can buildup and release gasses. The pressure created could cause your bottle to burst, get damaged, or even break (and hurt you in the process). Best to keep your Gymix clean and wash after each use. 

AVOID Microwaves and freezers. This will damage the battery and risk explosion. 

AVOID adding ice to your Gymix, or anything harder than a nut. This can damage the blades and motors. 

AVOID putting your fingers inside the bottle. Fingers and sharp objects don’t go well together. 

AVOID hot or boiling liquids. This can damage the blades, motor and battery. Use warm water for cleaning, but nothing over 120°F / 49°C

AVOID adding soda or carbonate drinks. This can create a pressure that could cause your bottle to burst, get damaged, or even break (and hurt you in the process). 

AVOID going too long without using your Gymix bottle. The best way to get gains is to work out multiple times per week, and a Gymix bottle is the best way to get the perfect protein shake every time.